Thirty million Twitter accounts and new zero-day flaws on Dark web markets

A database of almost 33 million Twitter accounts has been offered for sale through Dark web cybercrime markets. According to ZDNet, a hacker behind it, linked to similar disclosures related to accounts at MySpace, LinkedIn and Tumblr, offers the database for 10 bitcoins (ie about USD 5,800). Twitter is confident that the credentials were not obtained through a hack of their servers. At the same time, a Windows zero-day flaw (a vulnerability not known even to the vendor) for sale at USD 90,000 was discovered at one of the Russian Dark web cybercrime markets. The availability of zero-day flaws on popular crime markets worries the experts, as this may enable sophisticated and wide-range malware exploit kits – including those for the Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) attacks – also available for masses.