Third annual report for US National Quantum Initiative published

In the USA, the National Science and Technology Council published the third annual report for the National Quantum Initiative (NQI), as required by the NQI Act (enacted in December 2018 to accelerate American leadership in quantum information science (QIS) and technology).

The report notes that the USA has been making ‘substantial and sustained investments in QIS research and development to explore a wide range of applications and nurture a culture of discovery)’. Efforts are also being undertaken to develop a quantum workforce and ensure that Americans have the opportunity to benefit from participation in QIS.

Details are provided on the work carried out by different US agencies on QIS-related policy topics such as investing in fundamental science and engineering, investing in infrastructure, developing the workforce capacity, engaging with the industry, maintaining economic and national security, and encouraging international cooperation.

One key conclusion of the report is that ‘while the development of QIS technology is at an early stage, now is a critical time to develop the fundamental scientific knowledge, infrastructure, and workforce needed to create new applications for QIS-inspired technologies, grow the marketplace, and foster an ecosystem for basic, applied, and translational research in this field’.