The usage of ChatGPT falls for the first time

The number of people visiting and downloading AI chatbot ChatGPT’s website and app has decreased, indicating a decline in consumer interest in AI chatbots and image-generators.

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The usage of AI chatbot ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has seen a decline in traffic to its website and downloads of its app. This suggests that the initial hype and interest in AI chatbots may be fading.

Among the key findings, it was observed that the ChatGPT website experienced a 5.7% decrease in worldwide unique visitors, accompanied by an 8.5% decline in the duration of time visitors spent on the site.

The limitations of generative chatbots like ChatGPT, such as the generation of false information and decreased quality of answers, have become more apparent. Concerns over regulation and potential data leaks may have also impacted the usage of chatbots.

However, AI continues to be seen as a transformative technology with significant investment and focus from Big Tech companies and start-ups.

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The usage of ChatGPT falls for the first time 2

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