The US Senate leader announces confidential AI briefings

The briefings aim to improve the knowledge about AI’s societal impact, particularly in areas like national security, education, and job opportunities.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has announced that he had scheduled a series of briefings for senators on artificial intelligence, including the first classified briefing on the subject. The first briefing will offer a general understanding of AI, the second will discuss how the USA can lead in AI, and the third will be classified and focus on technology’s implications on defence and intelligence. He decided to do this because AI has the potential to impact various aspects of life, ranging from the workforce to education and national security.

In fact, Schumer has been at the forefront of establishing AI regulations since April to address these concerns. One of the top concerns with AI is its widespread use, particularly with the rise of ChatGPT, a program that generates quick answers to a broad range of questions, making it the fastest-growing consumer application with over 100 million monthly users. Although his proposal will need Congress’s and the White House’s approval, it marks a significant step towards new regulations addressing the concerns around generative AI. The dates and times of these briefings are yet to be announced.