The U.S. seeks to smother China’s chip tech growth through allied export control

In an attempt to try and limit the China’s development on chips technology, the U.S. is urging its allies to implement tougher export regulations.

There is image of semi-conductors showing flags of China and USA

In an effort to limit China’s advancement in semiconductor technology, the US is pushing its allies, namely the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, and Japan, to impose stricter export controls, according to a report by Bloomberg News.

This move aims to restrict the export of essential chipmaking components, such as photoresist, to China and, for example, seeks to prevent Dutch semiconductor equipment giant ASML from servicing chipmaking equipment that has already been sold to Chinese clients.

The US also wants Japan to restrict its companies from exporting specialised chemicals required for chipmaking to China, including photoresist, the report says, citing people familiar with the matter.

These actions are part of a broader strategy from the US to maintain technological superiority and address national security concerns related to China’s military and high-tech sectors’ growth.

Despite these attempts, Japan and the Netherlands remain cautious, wanting to assess the effectiveness of current restrictions before moving forward.