The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia is tightening SIM card regulations

The TRC in Cambodia is tightening SIM card regulations due to improper activations. Vendors must verify user identities, operators prompt updates for unregistered or multiple SIMs, and non-compliance results in deactivation.

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The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) insists on strict SIM card protocols after finding some operators activating cards without proper subscriber info. This is a part of regulatory compliance and aims to protect consumer interests.

For that, the TRC has implemented rigorous compliance measures for SIM card sales and activations. Vendors must now verify users’ identities by collecting valid identification documents before activating SIM cards. Additionally, mobile operators are required to prompt users with unregistered or multiple SIMs to promptly update their information. In cases of non-compliance, such as SIM cards lacking proper identification or registered under multiple identities, deactivation is mandated. These measures are aimed at bolstering security and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards within the telecommunications sector.

Additionally, the TRC has discovered fraudulent activities among some SIM card vendors. These include renting SIM cards for illegal purposes like creating fake bank accounts or social media profiles. Such actions violate telecom regulations, and vendors involved will face legal consequences. Specifically, those failing to verify IDs when renting SIM cards for criminal activities will be held liable for negligence.

In February 2023, a sub-decree mandated the registration of all SIM card-linked devices in a national database overseen by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC). This measure targets improved tax compliance and crackdown on counterfeit or stolen devices. The database will help identify and suspend devices with duplicate or invalid IMEI numbers across mobile networks.

Moreover, the general public is urged to report any illegal SIM distributors or misuse of mobile numbers to the TRC via a dedicated hotline.