The Indian Department of Telecommunications launches Bharat 6G Alliance

The Bharat 6G Alliance (B6GA) aims to drive the development of 6G technology, fostering collaboration among industry, academia, and research institutions, with a focus on promoting indigenous capabilities and positioning India as a global leader in this domain.

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The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India has launched the Bharat 6G Alliance (B6GA) to develop a roadmap for 6G technology by bringing together industry, academia, research institutions, and standards organisations. The primary goal of the alliance is to understand the business and societal requirements of 6G technology, foster consensus, and promote impactful research and development initiatives.

India’s vision for 6G has garnered international recognition, with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) accepting India’s 6G vision. This acceptance implies that India’s inputs related to standards, technology, and various patent sub-verticals will be considered in the global discourse on 6G. It provides India with a platform to actively participate in shaping the future of 6G technology and ensures that its specific requirements and perspectives are taken into account.

The B6GA’s focus includes growing Indian intellectual properties (IPs) and essential patents, designing and building Indian 5G Advanced/6G products, supporting Indian participation in global telecommunications organisations, fostering consortia of Indian startups and companies, facilitating market access for Indian 5G/6G technology products, and establishing partnerships with other global 6G alliances. In line with its mission to drive innovation and promote indigenous capabilities, the Bharat 6G Alliance endeavours to bring together Indian startups, companies, and the manufacturing ecosystem.