The hidden mobile app provides women in Serbia with a safer way to report violence

The Serbian civil society organization, SOS Network of Vojvodina, developed a mobile application to report domestic violence and seek help, which was disguised to avoid detection by abusers.

The Serbian civil society organization SOS Network of Vojvodina developed a mobile application to help women report violence and seek help in a safer way that is disguised to prevent detection by abusers. The app was created under the UN Women regional program ‘Ending Violence Against Women in the Western Balkans and Turkey: Implementing Norms, Changing Minds’. Existing reporting mechanisms often require victims to use phone or text messaging, which can be difficult to conceal, whereas the app was designed to avoid detection by abusers.

By pressing an SOS button, users can call the support organization nearest to them or choose to contact an organization they already know or find trustworthy. The app has a live chat feature that enables women to contact staff at the nearest organization for psychosocial support, counselling, and referral to additional services. Improved data collection enables women’s organizations to provide better services and advocate for actions aimed at eradicating violence against women and girls.