The Future of Food: Can AI cook for us?

AI and food industries are getting together with the aim to revolutionise food production.

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AI has the potential to transform food in many ways, including crop optimization, food waste reduction, and recreating animal foods from plants. Consumers are interested in trying robot-made food, with 77 percent of them wanting to give it a try, according to the 2023 FoodBytes report.

Companies at the forefront of new product development use AI to reimagine staples like cheese, milk, and meat using solely plant inputs. Food and AI industries are getting together.

One of the pioneers in AI-driven food production is Chilean The Not Company (Not Co) which has recreated animal foods from plants. Using this tool, NotCo has developed a wide range of products such as NotMilk, NotBurger, NotChicken. Not Co products started entering the leading chains, such as Starbucks and Burger King.

Two companies, Karakuri and Quorn, have partnered to optimize meatless chicken. NotCo has also partnered with Kraft Heinz.

Food production, the basis of our survival and the cornerstone of civilisation, is likely to change profoundly in the coming period. This change will trigger a major impact on our lifestyle and economy.

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