The Financial Times launches AI chatbot for subscribers

Subscribers of the Financial Times can now utilize Ask FT, an AI chatbot offering customised responses to inquiries.

AI Brain: Digital graphic design showcasing AI technology.

The Financial Times has unveiled a new generative AI chatbot, Ask FT, designed to provide subscribers with curated answers to their questions. Unlike generalised AI bots like ChatGPT or Copilot, Ask FT draws from the outlet’s extensive archives to offer responses grounded in decades of published information. While it excels in delivering insights based on past data, users shouldn’t expect answers to subjective inquiries.

Equipped with sophisticated AI capabilities, Ask FT offers up-to-date responses sourced from credible FT articles, with citations provided beneath each answer. However, some inconsistencies have been noted, as the chatbot occasionally includes outdated information in its responses.

Available to a select group of paid subscribers in the FT Professional tier, Ask FT caters primarily to business professionals and institutions. Powered by Claude, the LLM developed by Anthropic, the chatbot may change as the FT explores various AI models to optimise performance.

Despite its promising capabilities, Ask FT remains in beta and is undergoing rigorous testing and evaluation. The news outlet emphasises the importance of refining the tool to ensure accuracy and reliability and continues to evolve its offerings to meet the needs of its subscribers in an ever-changing digital landscape.