The European Parliament and Council agreed to update EU’s rules on product safety

The EU Parliament and Council agreed on new rules on product safety to better protect online and offline consumers.

On 28 November 2022, the European Parliament and Council agreed on the General Product Safety (GPSR) regulation to ensure that products sold offline and online are safe, and that they comply with European Standards. The GPSR updates the general product safety directive from 2001, modernises the rules for economic operators, and updates them for online businesses and marketplaces. The key points of the new regulation are:

• Obligations of economic operators and safety assessment – a product can be sold only if there is an economic operator in the EU;
• Removal of dangerous goods online – new obligations for online marketplaces, including the designation of a single point of contact for national surveillance authorities and consumers; and
• Recall, replacement, and refunds – improving the product recall procedure, as return rates remain low.

The Parliament and Council need to endorse the agreement before its adoption. The GPSR would apply 18 months after it enters into force.