Thailand launches ThaID mobile app for easy and secure access to services

Developed by the Department of Provincial Administration, this app simplifies access to services that require identity confirmation from both public and private sectors.

Flag of Thailand

The Thai government has officially introduced the ThaID mobile app, a significant step towards optimising digital identity verification in digital transactions. Developed by the Department of Provincial Administration, the app aims to simplify access to services requiring identity confirmation from both the public and private sectors. With no more data entry required, the process becomes convenient and secure.

Led by Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the launch highlighted Thailand’s shift towards a digital society. He highlighted how digital technology improves accessibility to government services and reduces costs, expressing hope for fully utilising the ThaID app.

Already, over 380,000 users have registered, as 44 state agencies embrace the system. The project aims to enhance public services and improve the government’s image. Furthermore, efforts are underway to raise awareness and promote the download and usage of the app across all districts and provinces, particularly among the younger generation, to maximise its benefits for the entire population.