Terraform labs and former CEO found liable for defrauding crypto investors

Terraform found liable for defrauding investors. The defendants misled investors about the stability of the crypto asset security and a popular payment application’s use of their blockchain. The deception resulted in substantial losses and a decline in market value.

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Terraform Labs PTE Ltd. and its former CEO, Do Kwon, have been found liable for defrauding investors in crypto asset securities by a jury in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. This verdict follows the court’s previous determination that the defendants unlawfully offered and sold these securities in violation of the registration provisions of the US Securities Act.

According to Gurbir S. Grewal, the Director of the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), this decision marks a victory in combating crypto fraud. The defendants allegedly deceived investors by misrepresenting the stability of the crypto asset security known as Terra USD, as well as providing false information about a popular payment application supposedly utilizing Terraform’s blockchain. These deceptions resulted in devastating financial losses for investors and caused the market value of Terra USD to plummet by tens of billions overnight.

“For all of crypto’s promises, the lack of registration and compliance has very real consequences for real people.” Grewal expresses the SEC’s commitment to utilizing all available tools to protect investors, while also urging the crypto market to align itself with regulatory requirements.

The defendants allegedly engaged in fraudulent activities by providing misleading information about the stability of a crypto asset security and the application of their blockchain technology. As a result, investors suffered significant financial losses and the market value of Terra USD experienced a sharp decline.