Telangana government and UNESCO partner to drive ethical AI development and adoption

Telangana and UNESCO are teaming up to promote ethical AI development through awareness, capacity building, and contributions to UNESCO’s AI Ethics initiatives. This collaboration underscores their commitment to align technological progress with ethical values.

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The Government of the Indian state Telangana and UNESCO have collaborated to implement the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of AI, with a Letter of Intent signed on Sunday, 20 August. This collaboration aims to shape the ethical development and use of AI.

The focus of the collaboration is to promote the ethical development and use of AI through various means, such as awareness raising, capacity development, and contributions to UNESCO’s Global Observatory on AI Ethics. The ultimate goal is to enhance understanding and ensure that the development and use of AI prioritize the well-being of society.

The involvement of the Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITE&C) Department of the Government of Telangana adds further significance to the collaboration. This department plays a crucial role in shaping Telangana’s technological landscape and ensures that advancements in AI technology align with ethical values. This reinforces the commitment of both parties to harness AI for societal good while mitigating potential risks.

Overall, this collaboration between the Government of Telangana and UNESCO represents a significant step in advancing the ethical development and use of AI. It demonstrates a shared commitment to harness AI technology for the betterment of society and prioritize societal good and equitable development in an AI-powered future. The involvement of key officials and the dedicated department strengthens the credibility and potential impact of the collaboration.

Additionally, the collaboration will benefit UNESCO’s Global Observatory on AI Ethics through the contributions and experiences of the Government of Telangana in shaping the region’s technological landscape. This partnership also highlights the growing recognition of the ethical implications of AI and the necessity of addressing them through international cooperation and collective action.