Tech enabled series highlights advancements tech brings for persons with #disabilities

CNets’ Tech Enabled series ‘Tech  enabled: Engineering independence skill and success — for all’,  has published two new articles: Disability activists, amplified: Social media gets the job done, which emphasises that having a disability doesn’t have to silence your voice, and Facebook AI paints better word pictures for the blind, which explains Facebook’s new technology which uses verbs, not just nouns, in photo captions that voice applications can read to the visually impaired. The first article notes ‘What gets lost at times: the less conventional innovation happening on the periphery of the tech world. These are advances that may only help a small number of people, but they’re the kinds of breakthroughs that can change lives.’ The first article in the series A quadriplegic’s challenge: Make me a touch-free phone details the process of building a better mobile phone, from the idea and request to hardware, software, and improvements, in an impressive example of innovation to improve access for persons with disabilities.