TeachAI announces Foundational Policy Ideas for AI in Education

TeachAI, led by prominent organizations like Code.org and Khan Academy, has introduced essential policy guidelines for integrating AI into education. These ideas aim to foster leadership, promote AI literacy, provide guidance, build capacity, and support innovation.

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TeachAI, an initiative led by Code.org, ETS, the International Society of Technology in Education, Khan Academy, and the World Economic Forum, has unveiledFoundational Policy Ideas for AI in Education‘ a groundbreaking resource designed in collaboration with over 70 organisations. This resource offers a comprehensive toolkit, including policy ideas, informational briefs, talking points, and a customisable presentation, aiming to guide education leaders and policymakers worldwide through the evolving landscape of AI integration in education.

The proposed policy ideas focus on five foundational policies :

  • Foster leadership: Create an AI in education task force with experts, educators, students, community members and policymakers to guide policy and oversee implementation.
  • Promote AI literacy: Integrate AI concepts into curricula and teach students to evaluate AI and its outputs critically.
  • Provide guidance: Establish clear guidelines for the safe and responsible use of AI in education.
  • Build capacity: Support educators and staff in integrating AI into teaching, learning, and school management and operations.
  • Support innovation  Fund research and development to advance AI in education pedagogy, curriculum and tools.

In addition to the foundational policy ideas, TeachAI emphasises the critical importance of global collaboration in advancing AI integration in education. Through partnerships and contributions from esteemed organisations such as the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), and others, TeachAI seeks to foster a collaborative ecosystem wherein stakeholders collectively work towards leveraging AI to enhance educational outcomes and opportunities on a global scale.

TeachAI extends an open invitation to education leaders, policymakers, educators, and stakeholders worldwide to explore the foundational policy ideas and actively participate in the ongoing dialogue surrounding AI integration in education.