Switzerland takes a wait-and-see approach to AI regulations

Switzerland is taking a wait-and-see approach to AI regulations, analysing and considering its options without committing to anything concrete.

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Switzerland is currently taking a cautious approach to AI regulations, waiting to see the outcome of the European Union’s proposed AI legislation. While Switzerland is a member of the Council of Europe and is likely to follow its regulations, it is not expected to deviate significantly from the EU’s approach.

The aim is to prevent a patchwork of AI regulations within Europe, and the EU laws will also apply to external companies selling their products within the EU. The question of responsibility for AI systems breaking the rules is also being discussed, with the consensus that liability lies with the people who develop and use the systems.

Thomas Schneider, vice director of the Federal Office of Communications and lead negotiator on the AI Convention of the Council of Europe, argued that Switzerland should have the courage to build on this Convention and go beyond it.