Spanish High Court suspends Telegram block amid investigation

Spanish court suspends Telegram block, awaiting police report on user impact. Judge seeks Telegram information from Virgin Islands.

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The High Court of Spain suspended its order to block Telegram’s services, and it is awaiting a police report on the potential impact of the ban on users. Judge Santiago Pedraz had initially agreed to suspend Telegram’s services after media companies, including Atresmedia, Mediaset, EGEDA, and Telefonica, sued Telegragram for alleged copyright infringement.

However, Judge Pedraz decided to halt the enforcement of the order and instead requested a report from national police on Telegram’s characteristics and the potential impact of the suspension.

Judge Pedraz also sought information on users suspected of sharing protected content from the Virgin Islands, where Telegram is registered, but stated that authorities there failed to comply. The Spanish Consumers’ Association (FACUA) welcomed the decision’s reconsideration and hoped the police report would lead to the order’s revocation.

Why does it matter?

The lawsuit against Telegram revolves around copyright issues, yet it unveils a broader concern. Experts interviewed by EL PAÍS argue that the judge’s decision to suspend Telegram is excessive and ineffective. They highlight the absence of more substantial investigations into the platform’s societal implications. Beyond piracy, the debate encompasses the direction of the internet, which is about more anonymity versus less impunity. The outcome could shape our online landscape, determining the balance between privacy and accountability.