Spanish bank Globalcaja suffers ransomware attack

The Play ransomware group claims it has stolen private and personal confidential data, client and employee documents, passports, contracts and more in the attack.

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Globalcaja, a major lender based in the Spanish city of Albacete, confirmed that it is currently grappling with a ransomware attack that has impacted multiple offices. With over 300 branches across Spain and a customer base of nearly half a million people, Globalcaja provides a wide range of banking services and manages consumer loans exceeding $4.6 billion. The attack, claimed by the Play ransomware group, allegedly resulted in the theft of undisclosed volumes of private and personal confidential data, including client and employee documents, passports, and contracts.

In a statement released on Friday, Globalcaja acknowledged the presence of ransomware on computers at several local offices. However, they assured customers that the attack did not affect transactions, accounts, or agreements, emphasizing that electronic banking and ATMs were functioning normally.

Globalcaja promptly activated security protocols and took measures to mitigate the impact, including disabling some office workstations and temporarily limiting certain operations. The company is actively working to normalize the situation, conducting an investigation into the incident with a primary focus on security. Globalcaja expressed regret for any inconvenience caused by the incident.

As of now, it remains unclear whether Globalcaja will pay a ransom in response to the attack, as the company has not provided any comment on the matter.