Spain lays out national AI strategy

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez presented the country’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, dedicated to creating ‘an environment of trust regarding the development of inclusive and sustainable artificial intelligence (AI) that places people at its heart’ and to enabling the use of AI to improve economic and social development. The strategy in built around six strategic priorities: (a) Boosting scientific research, technological development, and innovation in AI; (b) Fostering digital skills and the development of national talent, as well as the attraction of international talent in AI; (c) Developing data platforms and technological infrastructures that provide a support network for AI; (d) Integrating AI in the value chains to transform the economy; (e) Boosting the use of AI by the public sector; (f) establishing an ethical and regulatory framework that guarantees the protection of individual and collective rights, with social welfare and sustainability as key elements. Some of the specific measures proposed include the establishment of a national Data Office; the creation of shared data spaces and decentralised repositories; the introduction of the ‘SpAIn Talent Hub’ Programme; and the launch of support programmes for companies to incorporate AI in production processes and value chains. The government will allocate 600 euro million over the period 2021-2023 for the implementation of the strategy.