Starlink, led by Elon Musk, is in conflict with Telecom Italia over broadband deployment

Telecom Italia has allegedly violated regulations by not sharing data with Starlink to prevent frequency interference, according to claims made by Starlink.

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Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet provider, has accused Telecom Italia of obstructing its broadband rollout in Italy by withholding crucial information needed to coordinate signals. Starlink alleges that Telecom Italia has failed to comply with regulations requiring data sharing to prevent frequency interference.

Telecom Italia denies these claims, stating that the necessary information has already been provided but admits that some data requested by Starlink is sensitive and relevant to communication security. Industry Minister Adolfo Urso expressed readiness to facilitate discussions between the two parties to ensure the coexistence of their technologies as mandated by law. Starlink warns that the lack of cooperation from Telecom Italia could negatively impact its service in Southern Europe and North Africa.