SPACE-X and Indonesian government partner to deliver satellite-based internet

By leveraging advanced hardware and satellite technology, this initiative seeks to enhance internet connectivity nationwide and improve the quality of access for existing users.

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SpaceX and the Indonesian government have joined forces in a pioneering initiative to launch the SATRIA-1 satellite, representing a significant investment of $540 million. This collaborative effort aims to bridge the digital divide in Indonesia by providing reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to remote regions of the country. The successful deployment of SATRIA-1 not only signifies a milestone in modern satellite internet technology but also highlights the growing ease with which telecommunications satellites can be launched into orbit. However, the satellite is expected to be fully operational only in 2024.

Currently, only two-thirds of Indonesia’s population of 280 million have access to the internet, and even among those with access, the quality of connectivity is often unreliable and intermittent. The deployment of SATRIA-1 seeks to address this challenge by improving connectivity for existing internet users and expanding access to underserved populations.