South Korea unveils plans for large-scale AI system to revolutionise government services

This initiative aims to enhance public services and streamline government processes. The Digital Platform Government (DPG) Hub will integrate private and public data, providing a one-stop service for citizens.


The government of South Korea is planning to introduce a large-scale AI system for administrative services in order to improve the quality of public services. Koh Jean, the chairman of the Presidential Committee on the Digital Platform Government, has announced this initiative, emphasising that policies concerning citizens’ well-being will be informed by data analysis.

A new ‘Digital Platform Government (DPG) Hub’ will be established to serve as a crucial infrastructure for this digital platform government, integrating both private and public data and services. The DPG Hub will bring together various online government administration services, including tax and company registry services, and establish connections between central and local government systems. The project’s objectives include streamlining government processes, reducing paperwork, and achieving substantial cost savings.