South Korea to Set New Standards for Copyrights of AI-Generated Content

South Korea to set new standards and guidelines for copyrights of AI-generated content by September 2023 to minimize disputes and confusion over intellectual property rights. This move aims to address controversial issues arising from technological advancements and encourage citizens’ participation.

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The South Korean government is set to create new guidelines and standards for copyrights of AI-generated content by September 2023. President Yoon Suk-yeol has urged related administrative bodies to come up with new guidelines and orders suitable for the future digital age to minimize public confusion and disputes over intellectual property rights.

The government will publicly announce the new guidelines in September as a constitutional provision rather than a mandatory law. The guidelines will address issues arising from technological advancements like AI-based chatbots in social, cultural, and economic sectors. These include personal data infringement by AI, recognition of intellectual property rights for AI-generated content, the credibility of AI’s ability to evaluate, medical acts by AI robots, taxation on economic activities in virtual spaces, and counteracting criminal acts.

The government will set up events where participants can share ideas and engage in the discussion to encourage citizens’ participation in establishing new digital guidelines. The government aims to review the guidelines annually to ensure their effectiveness.