South Korea calls US to examine China’s chip subsidies

South Korea requests US review of China’s chip subsidies rule, citing market concerns. Tensions rise in the semiconductor industry as countries vie for dominance.

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South Korea has requested the United States to review China’s new rule on chip subsidies, expressing concerns about potential distortions in the global semiconductor market. China recently introduced a regulation that provides substantial financial support to its domestic chip industry. Chipmakers in the country are apprehensive about the potential consequences of this decision, as it could create an environment of unfair competition and adversely affect their market share. South Korea’s request to the United States for a review is aimed at ensuring a fair and transparent playing field for all chip manufacturers. 

This development highlights the increasing tensions and competition in the semiconductor industry, with countries vying for technological dominance. It also underscores the significance of chip subsidies as a tool for economic growth and competitiveness. As the United States evaluates China’s rule, the outcome will have implications not only for South Korean chipmakers but also for the broader global semiconductor landscape.