Shopify launches AI chatbot Sidekick

The chatbot supports merchants with tasks such as creating discount codes and generating store reports.

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Shopify is launching its new AI chatbot, ‘Sidekick,’ in early access as part of its 2024 Summer Edition updates. Sidekick, initially revealed last year, is designed to assist merchants with tasks such as creating discount codes, generating store reports, and suggesting blog post ideas. Currently, Sidekick is available to merchants with English stores in North America, but Shopify plans to expand its availability to other languages and regions.

In addition to Sidekick, Shopify announced several other AI tools to improve merchant efficiency. One notable feature is AI-powered product categorisation, which helps merchants by automatically suggesting taxonomy for product listings, making items more discoverable. Another tool provides suggested replies for customer chats in Shopify Inbox, although these replies need to be finalised by the merchant. Shopify is considering allowing AI to handle customer chats independently in the future.

Shopify is also enhancing its AI-powered image generator, which was launched in January, by integrating it into its iOS and Android apps and expanding its use within the Shopify admin. Over the past six months, Shopify merchants have saved over one million AI-generated images, highlighting the tool’s popularity and effectiveness.