Shanghai implements Chief Data Officer system to enhance data governance and digital transformation

The introduction of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) system aims to enhance data governance, strategic decision-making, and data security. This move follows China’s efforts to strengthen data governance across the country.

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The Shanghai Communication Administration has implemented a Chief Data Officer (CDO) system for telecom and internet companies. The CDO aims to strengthen data governance and enhance strategic decision-making in these industries. According to Shanghai’s CDO document system, telecom and internet companies have several key responsibilities. These include developing a data governance strategy aligned with business objectives, fostering a data asset culture, optimizing data governance and development through coordination and resource allocation, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations while enhancing data security measures. The CDOs also focus on data classification, catalog management, risk assessment, building management, and technical capabilities for data protection and utilization.

This initiative follows the trend of establishing CDO roles in various cities and industries across China to drive innovation and competitiveness. Recent regulatory developments, such as the Administrative Measures for Data Security, further reinforce data governance in the telecom and internet industries. The CDO is responsible for leading digital transformation, executing digital strategies, and aligning technology with business goals.