Sensitive data of 630 million users in China exposed

The leak has not yet been confirmed.

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A data breach exposed the private data of more than 630 million Chinese customers, including users’ names and surnames, national ID numbers, home addresses, mobile phones, gender, and bank card numbers. Unknown threat actors posted a massive data dump on the Russia-linked forum and allegedly offered users to buy sensitive information on 8% of the world’s population. The threat actors have not revealed where they obtained the data, although based on samples provided by the threat actors, it appears that the data was taken from a server hosted in France. They claim data was stolen in April 2023.

If the leak is confirmed, it would not be the first time that a huge amount of data relating to Chinese citizens has been leaked. Last year, attackers claimed to have obtained 23 terabytes of data on a billion Chinese citizens from the Shanghai National Police.

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Sensitive data of 630 million users in China exposed 2

Source: Cyber News