Senegalese government websites suffer major cyberattacks

Dozens of sites were left inaccessible by the hacker group Mysterious Team, who claiming they wanted to ‘liberate Senegal from dictatorship.’


The hacker group Mysterious Team has carried out major cyberattacks on a number of Senegalese government websites, leaving dozens of sites inaccessible. The Senegalese government spokesman confirmed this major cyberattack in a statement.

The hacker group said it wanted to ‘liberate Senegal from dictatorship’ and send a message to President Macky Sall as a final warning against a tense political backdrop in which Senegal’s public prosecutor is seeking a 10-year prison sentence for opposition leader Sonko, allegedly aimed at derailing his 2024 presidential bid.

The group claims to be a collective of cyber warriors from Bangladesh and uses the hashtag FreeSenegal, which has been popularised by some of the Senegalese opposition in recent months. The group is believed to have links to the activist collective Anonymous, which also tweeted responsibility for the attack, claiming to stand in solidarity with the people of Senegal in their ‘free choice of their next leader’, a reference to the possibility of Macky Sall running for a third term.