Saudi Arabia mandates USB Type-C as standard charging port for electronics

The aim is to enhance user convenience and promote environmental sustainability while saving consumers millions of Saudi Riyals.

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Starting from January 1, 2025, Saudi Arabia has made the decision to establish a single type of charging port for mobile phones and electronic devices. The chosen standardised connector will be USB Type-C. The primary goal behind this decision is to enhance user experience with connectors in the country without imposing extra expenses. It also aims to offer better quality for both charging and data transfer while aligning with environmental sustainability principles by reducing electronic waste.

The implementation of this decision will occur in two phases. The first phase begins on 1 January 2025, covering various devices like mobile phones, tablets, headphones, and more. The second phase, starting from 1 April 2026, will encompass laptops.

Companies and suppliers are required to adopt the USB Type-C charging port standard from 2025 onwards, following the technical and administrative criteria outlined in the technical regulations and relevant standards.

Why does it matter? This decision will lead to a reduction of over 2.2 million chargers and charging cables used annually for mobile devices and electronic gadgets within Saudi Arabia. It is anticipated to save consumers in the country more than SR170 million while also contributing to the Kingdom’s sustainability objectives by lowering electronic waste by around 15 tons per year.