Samsung ordered to pay $142 Million in 5G patent case

A Texas federal jury determined that Samsung Electronics has to pay $142 million to G+ Communications for infringing on 5G wireless technology patents in its Galaxy smartphones. This verdict follows a retrial after an earlier ruling was annulled.


Following a recent patent case, a federal jury in Texas determined that Samsung Electronics has to compensate G+ Communications with $142 million for violating patents associated with 5G wireless technology in its Galaxy smartphones.

This ruling came about after Chief US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap annulled a previous $67.5 million judgment in favor of G+, prompting a three-day retrial. The fresh verdict specifies $61 million for one patent infringement and $81 million for another. G+ has expressed contentment with the verdict, while Samsung has refrained from providing a response thus far.

G+ initiated the lawsuit in 2022, accusing Samsung of utilizing its technology without proper licensing. Samsung refuted the allegations, arguing that the patents were invalid and that G+ hadn’t offered licenses on equitable terms.

Why does it matter?

This legal dispute highlights the intricate terrain of essential technology patents in the context of the 5G era. For Samsung, the $142 million payout represents a significant financial hit, affecting its bottom line and potentially influencing its business strategies moving forward.