Samsung boosts ties with Meta, Amazon, Qualcomm

The South Korean company plans to incorporate insights from these meetings into a company-wide strategic session at the end of June.

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Samsung Electronics chairman Jay Y. Lee recently held high-level meetings with Meta, Qualcomm, and Amazon leaders to discuss AI, cloud services, and chip technology cooperation. Lee’s discussions with Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg, held at Zuckerberg’s home, included AI and virtual and augmented reality topics. In separate meetings, Lee explored semiconductor collaboration with Amazon CEO Andy Jassy and Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon, focusing on memory chips for Amazon’s data centres, cloud services, and chip manufacturing for Qualcomm’s mobile processors.

These discussions are part of Lee’s two-week visit to the United States and will inform Samsung’s upcoming company-wide strategic meeting at the end of June. The meetings aim to bolster Samsung’s position in the competitive semiconductor market, particularly in high-end memory for AI, where Samsung has faced challenges. The company’s newly appointed head of the semiconductor division has emphasised the need for a collective effort to navigate these challenges.

Samsung maintains strong relationships with these tech giants, supplying chips to Amazon for various applications and partnering on TV, mobile, and content projects. With Qualcomm, Samsung’s high-end smartphones feature Snapdragon mobile processors, and the partnership now extends to AI-enabled PCs. Meta, another key client, has collaborated with Samsung on projects like the Gear VR headset and foldable smartphones, showcasing the deep integration of their technologies.