Russian propagandists launch disinformation campaign against Paris Olympics

Experts suggest that Russian operatives aim to tarnish the Olympics and deter Ukraine’s acquisition of Western-made weapons.

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Russian operatives are intensifying efforts to discredit the upcoming Paris Summer Olympics and undermine support for Ukraine, utilizing both online and offline tactics, according to experts and officials.

Efforts include using AI to create fake videos featuring actor Tom Cruise criticizing the International Olympic Committee and placing symbolic coffins near the Eiffel Tower, suggesting French soldiers in Ukraine.

Analysts note a sense of desperation among Russian propagandists, which aim to tarnish the Olympics and thwart Ukraine’s momentum in procuring Western weapons against Russia.

Not limited to online disinformation, recent stunts include the placement of symbolic coffins near the Eiffel Tower, fueling suspicions of Russian involvement, amidst French President Macron’s consideration of deploying troops to Ukraine, further angering Russia.

With the Paris Olympics approaching, concerns are mounting over potential cyber threats, given Russia’s history of disruptive actions during major events, highlighting the need for heightened vigilance and cybersecurity measures.