RSF encourages Mongolian parliament not to override presidential veto of a high risk social media bill

The Mongolian parliament is scheduled to vote on a veto that would give the government the right to censor online content without due process, jeopardizing the public’s right to information.


Update: Mongolian parliament upheld the President’s veto with 89% of votes, therefore rejecting the bill.

The Mongolian parliament (The State Great Khural) is scheduled to vote on a veto on 17 March, implemented by President Khurelsukh Ukhnaa in January, which Reporters Without Borders (RSF) praises. The social media bill, which could still be passed if two-thirds of lawmakers overrule the veto, would allow political authorities to make arbitrary and politically motivated decisions, granting them the authority to censor any online content they dislike. Giving the government the right to censor the internet without due process jeopardises the public’s right to information and, in the long run, may result in the silencing of journalists, according to RSF East Asia Bureau Director Cédric Alviani.