Romania’s president backs green technology-based production

Romanian President issues the charge to all segments of society to work towards a greener economy in the interest of the most vulnerable.

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Romanian president Klaus Iohannis called for home-grown green solutions that support the development of the most vulnerable at the event, ‘Good practices for the environment advanced by civil society’, held February 28, 2024, held at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace. During the event, which was held in celebration of World Day of Non-governmental Organisation, President Ioannis encouraged civil society to collaborate with government and industry to ensure an orderly and equitable transition to an environmentally sustainable economic development.   

Despite his optimistic view, the President highlighted some key challenges implementers should expect along the way. These include navigating the intricacies of investing in new technologies, securing legislative support, and monitoring the effect of the proposed measures on cost and pollution levels. According to President Iohannis, a locally-driven approach to greening the economy sustainably is pivotal to an environmentally sustainable future and securing jobs for the local labor market. 

Why does it matter?

Though Romania stands out as a low emitter in Europe, the country has consistently ranked within the lower-middle category of countries with robust environmental policies. However, given Romania’s goal to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030, President Ioannis’ public commitment to leading all segments of the economy to a greener future portends well for Romania’s commitment.