RIPE NCC survey gives an overview of the status of IPv6 deployment in the region

A survey conducted on behalf of RIPE NCC by the Oxford Internet Institute provides insights into status of IPV6 deployment across the RIPE NCC region (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia). Out of all survey respondents (over 4000 telecom operators, IT service providers, hosting companies, etc.), only 21% indicated that they had full IPv6 deployment across their networks, while 14% had just deployed the new protocol. 40% had somewhat begun the process either with a plan or were working on one (25%) or were currently in testing (14%). Almost 20% said they currently had no plans to deploy IPv6. Lack of customer demand and lack of technical knowledge were seen as two key factors preventing deployment, while many respondents also indicated that lack of time was a key factor in preventing them from deploying.