Report shows a decline in global internet outages by 26% in late August

According to a report by the S&P Global Market Intelligence, in collaboration with internet-service monitoring company ThousandEyes, global internet outages have seen a decline of 26% to 256 in the week ending 28 August, 2021 compared to 346 in the prior week. The decrease, according to the report, ends an upward trend of three weeks in the volume of internet outages across the globe starting from the week of 7 August, 2021. The report notes further that the United States outages decreased, with a 15% week-on-week fall to 128 from 150 in the prior week whereas in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, business-hours outages declined 7 percentage points to 36%. Such outages in the Asia-Pacific region also saw a fall of 7 percentage points to 31% over the same period.