Report makes IoT-related policy recommendations for the UK government

A report titled ‘Internet of Things: Realising the potential of a trusted smart world’, and published by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering and Petras, explores policy challenges related to advancements in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) and outlines a series of issues to be considered ‘if policy is to be effective and the potential economic value of IoT is harnessed’. Some of the report’s recommendations for the UK government include: adopting a heterogeneous approach to governance and regulation of IoT, rather than a one-size-fits-all framework; facilitating the development and deployment of standards for IoT where needed; working with other governments and international institutions towards ‘umbrella agreements’ for IoT data integrity and security; expanding existing UK cybersecurity capacity-building initiatives to include IoT policy support for states without the research capacity to address these challenges; developing a strategy for IoT, as well as an infrastructure roadmap for IoT; expanding and adjusting existing educational initiatives, programmes and strategies, to ensure that people develop sector-specific IoT skills; enabling the development of security standards for IoT; and supporting the elaboration of an ethical framework for IoT to encourage ethical behaviours.​