Questionmarks around ICANNWiki’s Core Funding

ICANNWiki, a nonprofit organisation running a community developed wiki on ICANN and Internet Governance, has announced its core funding from ICANN is in jeopardy. The organisation specialises in outreach, engagement and accessibility with the mission to “give everyone a voice in the future of the internet” by providing educational resources and workshops. The wiki they run provides neutral, third-party information for ICANN meeting attendees and Internet citizens at large. It is an open platform governed by wiki values, such as Neutral Point of View, transparency, assuming good faith, and building together. The project is independent of ICANN, and is based out of Portland, Oregon, USA. ICANNWiki was recently informed that ICANN might choose not to renew its contract, which accounts for 60% of its annual revenue. The contract began in 2015, with an initial three-year term. ICANN has stated, “At this time, while it is highly unlikely that ICANN will be renewing its contract with ICANNWiki, we have not come to a final determination.”