Quantum computing patent filings increase in China

Over the last two years, quantum patent filings have surged in China, while US companies remain at the top for quantum patent filings.

Over the past two years, quantum computing patent filings have surged in China, reports China Daily. According to the Global Quantum Computing Technology Patent Filings Raking List, patent filings in China grew from 137 in 2020 to 804 by 2022. However, China still has a long way to go to catch up with countries such as the USA and Canada.

According to the list, the ranking is as follows:
– IBM (1323 patents)
– Google (762 patents)
– D-wave (501 patents)
– Microsoft (496 patents)
– Northrop Grumman (262 patents)
– Origin of Quantity (234 patents)
– Intel (221 patents)
– Baidu News (186 patents)
– IonQ (164 patents)
– Rigetti (110 patents)

The list was released by IncoPat Global Patent Database and intellectual property media platform IPR Daily. IncoPat is a patent database provider from China with a collection of patents from 120 authorities.