PT Telkom Indonesia executive calls for clear AI stance and effective policies in Indonesia

The head of education at PT Telkom Indonesia, called Indonesia to define its AI stance, prioritise education and ethical frameworks, and promote responsible AI development.

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The head of the education ecosystem at state-owned telecommunications company PT Telkom Indonesia, Sri Safitri, has called for Indonesia to define its stance on AI and focus on implementing effective AI policies. Safitri stated during an online discussion forum that the country needs to prioritise increasing awareness and education about AI so that people can fully comprehend its potential benefits and risks.

Raising awareness through initiatives like campaigns, workshops, seminars, and educational programs will be crucial. Additionally, Indonesia must lay down a clear ethical framework that will serve as a set of guidelines to ensure responsible AI development. The government must also invest in research and AI education programs and enhance STEM education to provide many opportunities for AI research.

Indonesia needs to encourage sustainable research and innovation in AI by focusing on potential risks and developing solutions to mitigate them. Lastly, the country must ensure that its data management complies with relevant regulations to enable AI’s responsible and safe use.