Promoting digital inclusion for persons with disabilities – Kenya’s progress

The KNCHR highlights the importance of people with disabilities using digital technology, and Kenya has made advances in incorporating disability inclusion into digital platforms.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day, observed on the third Thursday of May, focuses on digital access and inclusion for those with disabilities or impairments.

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) notes that the internet has provided numerous chances for individual growth and development and has emphasised the need for individuals with disabilities to use internet-based services.

Roseline Odede, Commission President, stated that individuals with disabilities continue to experience difficulties using web-based technology and support the provision of the 2023 Persons with Disabilities Act on information and communication accessibility.

It is evident that persons with disabilities have barriers to using digital technologies, and there is unquestionably a need for their participation and equality with all other individuals.

The commission congratulated Kenya for making substantial progress in introducing disability inclusion into digital platforms, including sign language interpretation, news subtitling, and big fonts. It is critical to guarantee that persons with vision, hearing, or specific motor and cognitive limitations are included on all digital platforms.