President Biden teases upcoming Executive Order on AI

President Biden just teased a forthcoming executive order on Artificial Intelligence, reaffirming the commitment to responsible AI innovation. While details are under wraps, it’s expected to build on the “AI Bill of Rights.”

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President Joe Biden has revealed his intention to issue an executive order concerning AI in the near future, underscoring the administration’s commitment to responsible AI advancement. Although the specific contents of the order remain undisclosed, it is informed by a previous proposal known as the ‘AI Bill of Rights.’

Concurrently, the Senate is actively instructing legislators on AI matters to prepare for forthcoming legislative efforts in this area. During a meeting with AI experts, President Biden stressed both the potential benefits and associated risks of AI, emphasizing the need for prudent AI management. He also reaffirmed the United States’ determination to collaborate with international allies, including the United Kingdom, to establish safeguards for AI. The meeting also showcased AI applications, including climate change prediction, novel materials development, and cosmic origins exploration.

Why does this matter?

President Biden’s announcement of an upcoming executive order on artificial intelligence (AI) underscores the growing significance of AI technology in the society. The executive order’s content will likely have far-reaching implications for AI regulation, innovation, and collaboration, impacting various sectors from technology and healthcare to national security and the environment. This comes against the backdrop, that the US is also taking the lead in shaping international norms for military AI at the United Nations. It also highlights the importance of international cooperation in establishing AI safeguards, emphasizing the global nature of AI challenges and solutions.