Pornhub implements access restrictions in three US states, raises concerns over age verification

In response to recently passed laws requiring age verification for accessing adult content in Mississippi, Virginia, and Utah, adult website Pornhub has blocked access for users in these states.

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Pornhub has recently implemented access restrictions for users in Mississippi, Virginia, and Utah due to the passage of laws in these states requiring age verification for accessing adult websites. This decision follows a similar move made earlier this year in Louisiana, which resulted in an 80 percent decrease in Pornhub’s traffic within that state.

While age verification laws aim to ensure that minors are not exposed to explicit content, critics have raised concerns about the privacy risks associated with age verification tools as these tools often require users to share personal information. This raises questions about the overall security and effectiveness of age verification methods.

Pornhub has suggested on-device age verification as a potential solution to address these concerns. However, implementing this approach comes with its own set of challenges. The recent access block comes at a time when the company is also facing legal issues related to nonconsensual content and child sexual abuse material. Additionally, corporate changes have occurred with the sale of its parent company, MindGeek, to Ethical Capital Partners.