Popular Ukrainian media outlets suffer cyberattack

The attack resulted in the dissemination of fake news on social media platforms.

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The State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine announced via its Telegram channel that a significant hacker attack targeted Ukrainian media resources.

On the evening of 18 February, Ukrainian Pravda reported the loss of access to their social network account on X, which had been hacked by unknown individuals, leading to the propagation of fake news on the page.

Ukrainian Pravda stated they are actively working to regain control of the account and urged users not to associate publications on the social network with their official content. Similarly, Liga.net also experienced a similar headline publication on their page on the same day.

According to the State Service, Ukrainian Pravda, Liga.net, Apostrophe, and Telegraph reached out to the CERT-UA computer emergency response team, operating under the State Special Communications Service, to report the attacks.

The State Service attributed the attack to Russian hackers and noted the dissemination of fake information across media websites.