PIR and Ethos update proposed public interest commitments for .org

The Public Interest Registry (PIR) and Ethos Capital have announced updates to the proposed Public Interest Commitments (PICs) for .org. The PICs are to be added to the .org Registry Agreement in the event that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approves the sale of PIR to Ethos Capital. The updated PICs include a .org domains pricing table, clarifying that the maximum service fee for a .org domain could vary between US$10.92 in 2020 to US$19.35 in 2026. There is also a clarification that the .org Stewardship Council must be up and running within six months of the PICs being appended to the Registry Agreement. Moreover, PIR and Ethos commit to publishing an annual transparency report that will include the number of .org domain name registrations that have been suspended or terminated under the registry’s anti-abuse policy or pursuant to court orders.