PIN’s call for enhancement of digital rights across Africa

The Paradigm Initiative (PIN) calls stakeholders to enhance digital rights rights in Africa. PIN is urging collaboration between private sector, media, academia, civil society, and government to protect digital rights.

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The pan-African organisation advocating for digital rights, Paradigm Initiative (PIN), calls on all stakeholders to unite and take decisive steps in protecting digital rights, fostering responsible behavior, and upholding the principles of internet freedom. In a monitoring report named Londa, which assesses the state of digital rights and inclusion in 24 African countries, PIN has put forth crucial recommendations aimed at the private sector, media, academia, civil society, and government.

The report also stressed the need to ensure that the right to express political views and perspectives is not derogated due to the use of content moderation and surveillance techniques. Additionally, it encourages businesses to defy governmental pressures that aim to gain unauthorized access to personal data and participate in online abuse. The research also urges the promotion of digital literacy and stresses the need to lift restrictions on access to mobile and internet services. The multidisciplinary collaboration between different sectors to protect digital rights and internet freedom while ensuring the flow of information between grassroots community organizations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is also recommended.