Philippines to join other ASEAN countries at the top of E-government Development Index

The Philippines make plans to join other ASEAN countries atop the global eGovernment index.

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After falling 12 places to the position of 89th on the e-Government Development Index in 2022, the Philippines announced its aim to place the country among the top UN nations on the index. Positions on the index highlight a country’s readiness and the capacity of its institutions to uptake ICTs in fulfilling its obligations to the public.

There are 37 priority projects within the framework of the index, and the Philippines has launched 6 to date, namely: eGLU, eTRAVEL, EeGovPay, eGovCloud, eReport and the eGovPH app. Plans are underway to implement within the next two years: eTourism, eBusiness, eHealth, eApostille, eLearning, ePassport, eCommerce, eKYC and eVisa.

The undersecretary of the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) indicated that digitalisation is a top priority of the government, a fact demonstrated via the implementation of these projects at both the national and local levels, an eGov Act, which frames the implementation and a partnership agreement between the public and the private sector.