‘Page Not Found’ on US White House website #disabilities

Rights of persons with disabilities are high on the radar in the USA, as questions were raised about the new US Department of Education secretary, Betsy DeVos’s, whose priorities were examined (Is Betsy DeVos against enforcing disability rights laws — or does she not understand them?). In addition, ‘Disabled, Shunned and Silenced in Trump’s America’ gives a poignant, personal reaction to discovering that the Disabilities section of the US White House website had been removed. At the same time, a Federal complaint alleges school district website ‘inaccessible’ on the west coast of the USA, alleging that the Palo Alto school district’s ‘recently redesigned website are [sic] not accessible to people with vision impairments and other disabilities’. Another article, Dear anti-Trump protesters: don’t forget those of us with disabilities highlights the particular difficulties persons with disabilities face when trying make their voices heard.