Oxford instruments to redefine GaN device manufacturing in Japan

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology’s advanced ALD and ALE systems secure crucial orders in Japan. Renowned for precision and efficiency, these innovations promise improved GaN device performance and cost reduction.

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Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has secured major orders from key Japanese power electronics and RF foundries. These orders focus on implementing plasma atomic layer deposition (ALD) and atomic layer etch (ALE) systems, targeting rapid growth in consumer fast-charging, datacenter applications, and 5G/6G communication markets. Renowned for high throughput and minimal plasma-induced damage, their ALD technology stands pivotal for GaN HEMT manufacturers globally, promising enhanced device production capabilities.

Leveraging a collaboration between LayTec AG and Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, an advanced ALE (Atomic Layer Etching) solution for GaN (Gallium Nitride) devices has emerged. Seamlessly integrating high-rate etching and low damage ALE techniques, this innovation establishes new benchmarks for GaN MISHEMT E-mode devices. Implemented within a clustered automated handler, this technology promises enhanced device performance, increased wafer yield, and reduced production costs. Dr. Aileen O’Mahony emphasizes the significance of this advancement, particularly given Japan’s expanding adoption of GaN HEMT production in crucial markets.